cfd analysis of steam turbine blades

Cfd Analysis of Steam Turbine By Using 2 Different Naca Series Blades


cfd and analysis of steam turbine blades is a importent because, Steam turbines are essential in power generation as they serve as a primary mechanism that transforms the kinetic energy of steam into mechanical energy. The turbine is composed of multiple stages, with each stage comprising a fixed blade and a spinning blade.

A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis was conducted to assess the efficiency of a utility steam turbine. The flow within the passage of a turbine blade is intricate and requires comprehension of energy conversion in three-dimensional shapes.

Aim of the project: cfd analysis of steam turbine blades

The performance of a turbine relies on effective energy conversion and the analysis of flow path behavior within the different components of a steam turbine. The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of the turbine flow route facilitates the examination of flow and performance parameters, as well as their impact on temperature, pressure, velocity, and power values.

cfd analysis of steam turbine

The turbine blade and rotor assembly play a crucial role in converting pressured steam into rotary motion in a turbine. The surface of the blades is directly affected by temperature and pressure, which necessitates regular maintenance and replacement of the blades.

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